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Muniyal Ayurvedic Research Centre, founded in 1990, is an organisation for reviving the glory of ayurveda. The centre aims to research and re-discover the magic of wonderful remedies of ayurveda which were being practiced in India since ages. It is accredited with ISO 9001:2008 – an international quality assurance certificate. It has also procured GMP Certification of the Government of Karnataka. The center is getting national & international acclaims for its scientifically proven products for chronic disorders like diabetes, alcoholism, arthritis, cardiac problems, liver and uterine disorders, bronchitis, amoebiasis, obesity and parkinsonism. The company’s products for Cancer and AIDS have been taken up for trails by prestigious institutions. The research institute is attracting researchers from USA, Japan & Argentina.

Importance of Herbo-mineral drugs:

Herbo-mineral preparations are those potent preparations of ayurveda which are prepared by processing and combining (by boiling & grinding the traditional way) different minerals with potent herbs. According to ayurveda, more the grinding of the ingredients, more is the potency of the formulation. These formulations, otherwise known as “Rasaushadhi” are considered far better than simple herbal formulations.

It is mentioned in ancient scriptures,

Alpamatropayogitvat aruceh aprasangatah Ksipram arogyadayitwat asdhebhyo adhiko rasah || Swalpa hi matra vipula gunas’ca sadyo hi taddipana pacanas’ca

“These are the medicines which have more potency, hence they bring back normalcy, curing the disease very quickly even when they are administered in small doses and at the same time there will not be any problem of palatability.”

The R&D wing of the trust, Muniyal Ayurvedic Research Centre, has developed 52 licensed, proprietary, human and veterinary research products, and also produces 150 classical ayurvedic products, toxicity studies of which have been done. All products have been duly registered with the Drug Licensing Authority, Dept. of AYUSH, Karnataka, with GMP Certification for its medicine manufacturing unit. The group has Trademark Registration and Indian Patents for 30 research products like Insol-N for Diabetes, Herbotrim for obesity, Heartogen for cardiac problems, Muneks for cancer, Muniojus for HIV, along with 16 treatment procedures like Mahoshadha Kalpa, Madumeha Kalpa, etc. and unique processes like Vrkshved, Dravyashudh and Vamshvahini. 2 products namely Munipyrin for arthritis and Herbadict for alcohol and drug addiction, have been registered in Europe as para-medicines, being the first ayurvedic medicines from India to have this distinction.

Some of the scientifically proved preparations of the company include Insol-N, an oral ayurvedic anti-diabetic, Herbotrim, for lipid cholesterol management, Herbadict, for alcoholics and drug addicts, Munipyrin, for Rheumatism and Arthritis, Heartogen, a cardio-protective, Muniprajna, for parkinsonism, Muniprabhaa for urinary calcification and Munipile for haemorrhoids and piles. The company’s research product Muneks is being successfully used to treat cancer patients. Muniojus, an immuno-modulator, has been given to several HIV+ve patients for trials.

Muniyal Ayurveda Has developed new product that supplement medicines, like Ayurveda Candles and Ayur Vasthra.

Ayur Vasthra - Ayurvedic Garments with therapeutic value

Health Promoting Ayurvedic garments for ailments like obesity, arthritis, hypertension, insomnia, depression, allergic bronchitis, skin diseases, etc. The yarn is prepared by treating it with different medicated decoctions (kashaya) indicated for specific ailments.

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