Ayurveda Candles

Dr. Krshna Life Sciences Ltd. has developed candles that emit aroma of natural herbal essential oils which are harmless and health promoting. Fragrance emitted by these candles is due to the natural herbal ingredients developed and standardised as per Vrakshved® & Dravyashudh® techniques and scientifically proven to be safe.

The speciality of these candles are their health benefits. These candles are designed by selectively combining the scientifically proven herbal ingredients from the patented formulations of Dr. Krshna Life Sciences Ltd.

Shubh Rathri - Sleep Inducer, Natural Air-Freshener, Mosquito Repellent
  • Fragrances emitted by these candles induce natural sleep and re-energises the body.
  • These candles are loaded with anti-bacterial properties, and also work as a mosquito repellent.
  • These candles are very safe for infants and children.
Muniprajnaa - Yoga & Meditation Candles
  • Regular use of Muniprajnaa candles enhances the effects of Yoga and Meditation.
  • It is a Mood elevator and promotes Mindfulness. The volatile principles emitted from these candles are uplifting, refreshing and revitalizing to the mind and body and helps relieve symptoms of stress, depression, fatigue, jet-lag, nervous exhaustion.
  • It helps to achieve mental clarity and clears headaches.
  • The aromatic principles emitted have tranquilizing and anxiolytic action on mind.
  • The vapours liberated, carry oxygen and other nutrients to the cells.
  • These candles are specially designed incorporating the essential oils and other volatile fractions of the natural organic herbs present in the patented poly-herbal formulation MUNIPRAJNAA.
Muni Ojus - Aphrodisiac Candles
  • These candles have been specially designed to improve sexual relationship and the happiness quotient between couples. The aromatic principles liberated are invigorating; soothe the mind and body, stimulating the sexual desire naturally.
  • People are often stressed and exhausted by their hectic lifestyles; these essential oils have the ability to ease and relax the body and mind, thereby enabling the couple to have better sexual experiences.
  • The fragrances emitted by these candles help to promote and arouse sexual feelings by the production of hormones like oestrogen and testosterone.
  • They help to improve the sexual performance, relieving psychosexual problems.
  • As Muniojus acts on the physical, mental and sub-conscious levels, it enhances the deep understanding of the couple, thereby, considerably reducing the chances of divorce which is nowadays rampant in westernised societies.
Munistamine - Anti-Histamine Candles

Incorporation of the relevant herbal contents of MUNISTAMINE – a patent product for allergic rhinitis & bronchitis, disperses the contents on burning that help to ease breathing, thereby, relieving respiratory congestion making the sleep comfortable. Useful for asthmatics and those with breathing problems.

Tvakshuddhi - Anti-Allergant Candles

The natural ingredients of TVAKSHUDDHI used in this candle possess anti-allergic properties that ensure relief from skin irritation and allergy. They are very effective in protecting the skin.

Munipayn - Anti-Arthritic & Pain Relieving Candles

Candles created from MUNIPAYN – a patent product for Rheumatism and Arthritis, which is helpful in reducing any pain, any inflammation, anywhere in the body. Munipayn candles disperse these ingredients which are helpful in arthritic conditions through its pain relieving and anti-inflammatory actions.

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